Title - Who's Your Fodder - my personal space for whatever

Welcome to Who's Your Fodder .ORG

This is my personal space for whatever I choose to put here. Here you will find my Journal of a "Virgin" Burner - a chronicle of my trip to Burning Man 2008. You will also find my Wander-Full Image Gallery of pictures from my travels, especially Burning Man!

If you have come here by mistake, you may have meant to visit one of my other two sites by the same name.

WhosYourFodder.COM (When it is up and running) will be set up for personal, social, and political commentary

WhosYourFodder.NET (Currently not set up) is a site set aside to replace the original 'gaming' website of Who's Your Fodder. LAN Parties and any guild functions will be at that site.

Journal of a Virgin Burner - My Journey and experiences at Burning Man 2008

Wander Full Image Gallery of places I have visited throughout the years